The largest Adriatic and Croatian island, lies in the Kvarner bay where the Mediterranean is closest to the heart of Europe. Well connected to the mainland by a bridge and road network, it is the first island on the way from Europe to the warm south. Krk, once called "The Golden island" by the Romans, is surrounded by the crystal clear blue sea, with a green coast flourishing in the mild Mediterranean climate.


The town of Punat is situated in a sheltered bay on the southern green and sunny side of the island. The picturesque islet of Košljun lies in the middle of the bay. Visitors of this small seaside town have always enjoyed a natural and friendly ambience necessary for a healthy and carefree holiday. Specially Punat is perfect place for family holidays with many entertainment for children. Marine Punat discloses espensive yachts and meeting point for the sailors.

What can I do there?

Among others guests can: dive, surf, waterski, hiking, ride bike, play tenis, sail, enjoy in good food, dance, practise different summer sports, get massage, different excurcions around region with boat or bus, visit to musems, galleries, shop authentic products, participate in night life / local fests :), watch sunset...for more details check our links.